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Sorenson Squeeze for reducing .flv files
27.6.2009 22:32:09 - Filed under : Asp.net | Misc
For starters, Sorenson Media has been the global leader in video encoding and compression technology for nearly a decade and a half.

What does that mean? It means that every day thousands of people rely on Sorenson Media for all their video encoding, publishing and delivery needs. So then the question becomes: Why wouldn't you?

When quality counts, turn to the company you can trust, turn to Sorenson Media.

Raw, uncompressed video is a huge beast. Traditionally, getting it online meant sending any large, foreboding video to the unknown server in the sky so they can encode and deliver to you when they got around to it. This takes up resources, bandwidth and most importantly time. Oh yeah, and it can cost a lot of money.

Utilizing Sorenson's desktop and web-based applications you can compress that video down to a manageable size, upload it to the web and publish to your site in a matter of minutes.

This is my experience steps for reducing size of flv file :

- Get .flv file with "Import File"
- Select "Format Sort" in "Audience presents"
- Select "Adobe Flash Video (.flv)" at line third
- You can choose "F8_256K" to best performance (according to my experience)
- Click "Apply" button to apply filter
- Click "Squeeze it!" at right bottom side of screen to start conversion.
- You can access converted file at directory that original file already located.

Keywords : Reducing .flv video file without loss of quality. Sorenson Squeeze v5.0
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